Dear Sponsor,

My name is Joao Gabriel Amado and I'm from Portugal, Europe.

I'm planning in doing 14 bike events every Saturday in the Caribbean Islands from July to September to raise funds for wwofsh.org.
In those events I want to raise the awareness of the hunger rate in the Caribbean to the world and the disaster preparedness that should be done.

I gathering, with help of bicycle Associations and Federations, more them 100 cyclists per event in those 14 bike events, that will invite around 20 friends and family to watch the events.
That's around 28.000 people that will be looking at your support for this cause.

For this epic journey, would you like to sponsor ?
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There will me a lot of Media in every event, and I'm already doing interviews for a newspaper that serves all Portuguese communities in the world and for The Bahamas weekly.
Read here: Click here to read the press releases (use google translate if you need)

Let me know,
Joao Amado
Skype: JoaoAmado
Mobile: +351 932970700
e-mail: JoaoGabrielAmado(at)gmail.com

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