Monday, September 24, 2012

Worshop in Haiti with MercyCorps

Today was another successfully workshop, this time in Haiti.
From all the workshops, I believe that this one will have a direct impact on reducing hunger, by preserving the crops that get to rot.

workshop in Haiti (part 1) buying materials with MercyCorps:

Workshop in Haiti (part 2) at work:

Workshop in Haiti (part 3) Finished:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Workshop in Rancho Magante, Dominican Republic

I've arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I was very well received by Sergio from

Them I went north to Rio San Juan, to Rancho Magante, where they already has build a solar dehydrator from looking at my blog, which made me very happy.

Then we build one only with local free materials from nature:
1. PiƱon
2. Jaguar (palm tree leaves)

Video during the workshop:

Interview with Maria Mensen from Rancho Magante:


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Puerto Rico - Solar Dehydrator - New Model !

Today as a very successful workshop in Puerto Rico, more then 20 participants

Puerto Rico - Solar Dehydrator - NEW MODEL!

Puerto Rico - Special interview with our host Luis Soto

Interviews :

Puerto Rico - 60sec presentation of Victor Perez

Puerto Rico - 60sec presentation of Ivan Quintero

Puerto Rico - 60sec presentation of Samairis Barea

Puerto Rico - 60sec presentation of Anita Mattos